Get a close approach consent

Close approach consent

Are you planning to work near power lines or cables? Before you start, please check to see if you need a close approach consent. This will make sure you carry out the work safely and without risk to yourself or the public.

Applying for a consent

You need a close approach consent if you’re:

  • Working within four metres of overhead lines.
  • Digging within five metres of electrical equipment, including power poles, underground cables, pipes, transformers, switch boxes and conductors.

You must contact a Firstlight Network Limited approved contractor to visit our site, inspect it, and record the appropriate information before a Close Approach permit can be issues.



The consent will require you to operate in accordance with section 5 of NZ ECP 34 of the Electricity Act.

Note, a close approach consent is not required for Firstlight Network-approved contractors engaged in line or cable maintenance activities, or where a reclose block agreement has been approved.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 06 869 0700 or call in to see us at 172 Carnarvon Street.

More information

You can check the location of our assets by requesting more information here.

You can also find a full list of Network-approved contractors, including those who offer on-site asset location and mark out, and close approach services here.