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Report damage to our network

Help us keep our network and the community safe. If you see fallen power lines or someone interfering with our electrical equipment, call the police on 111 immediately and then our faults line on 0800 206 207.

For any other issues, phone our faults line or report the problem by filling in this online form.

Report a fault

To report a fault or find out about a power outage in your area, call our 24/7 faults line on 0800 206 207.

Check our Outages page for any planned outages that may be affecting your area.

If you have any questions, want to arrange a service,
or would like to talk to one of our team, please contact us:

Firstlight Network                    

172 Carnarvon Street                     

Gisborne 4040

Phone (06) 869 0700

Fax (06) 867 8563 


Firstlight Network Media Spokespeople

This information is provided for media use only. For faults and emergencies, please call our 24/7 Faults line on 0800 206 207.

For general media enquiries contact:

George Drysdale
Manager, Firstlight Network Operations

Cressida Gates-Thompson
External Communications Specialist




Share your feedback

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or would like us to pass on your thanks to our team, please call us on (06) 869 0700 or email

If you have a complaint, read all about our disputes resolution process.


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